Soul Path Alignment


Your Karmic Path Astrology

‘Astrology is a treasure map … the treasure is you’ – AB, USA

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  • What is your Karmic Soul path ?
  • What are the core lessons your Soul has elected to learn in this lifetime?
  • How can you draw the best from what your inner being wishes to learn?
  • Discover the core dynamics of your ‘soul contract’.
  • Align your focus to the themes of your life across your life-span.
Discovering your Karmic Soul path can help you to align your life with core intention of your Inner Being. Being in alignment isn’t always easy and no esotericist worth their salt would profess such a thing. However, a journey with an aim to ascend your highest mountain is always easier with a map and an experienced guide. Your Soul path alignment reading is a consultation which takes approximately 2 hours and is conducted on Zoom. All consultations are recorded and the recording emailed to you shortly after your consultation.  


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