Astrobiography: The Reading of Your Life (45 Sessions)


The complete and full Astrology reading + NHT healing

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This is a brief summary of the sequence of topics discussed during an Astrobiography life reading. It not only gives an overview of an Astrobiography; it also conveys the depth and breadth of this fine and ancient art. Not everyone is aware of the full depth and potential of Astrology and this Rowan perspective may be surprising and revealing for some readers. Currently, an Astrobiography, the reading of your life takes around 45 2-hour zoom consultations. Consultations also include also includes Neuro Holistic Therapy to address any challenges and issues that arise across your entire life span. Astrology like all the arts and fields of human endeavour has a wide range of competence and I am unable to comment on the skill levels, competence, depth or accuracy of any other Astrologer’s work; like all the arts, your opinion of how each Astrologer interprets the chart or forecast for you is purely a matter for you to decide. I am, however, able to describe how I work in Astrology and the breadth and scope of what I am able to discern from an Astrological birth chart. Astrology is an ancient art which has outlived many empires. A professional approach is employed and all consultations are held in strict confidentiality. The aim is support you and help you to grow into the best of all you may become. Creating your personal Astrological Birth Chart Your Astrological birth chart is unique to you and no two people in the world have the same chart; twins may be born in the same place and very close in time, but even in the space of a few minutes, the Earth’s swift rotation means there will be subtle difference between their birth charts. To create your personal birth chart we will need to know your birth data: Your Date of Birth, Place of Birth (town or city) & your exact Time of Birth If you are uncertain of your birth time, it can be determined during a conversation by a process called Dowsing. This is a free service and takes approximately 45 minutes. All online consultations are conducted in video call and the recording is emailed to you. Face to face clients receive an audio recording.


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