Deep Life Path Guidance (3 Sessions)


Blossoming into the Light of Your Self

A pathway of becoming; guided by ancient wisdom with modern teachings

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A 3-part consultation programme utilising Astrology and Neuro-Holistic Therapy to help you resolve past issues, move beyond old blocks and inhibitions, identify a path which works for you and bring to life your brightest inner light; blossoming in to the light of Your Self. Part one:
  • Exploring your unconscious needs, developmental programming, values and innate sense of worthiness – identifying strategies for resolving any issues that arise.
Part two:
  • Strategies that work both with and for you: How to best use your personal view and approach to life, exploring fears which may inhibit you and designing strategic plans which will elevate and sustain you.
Part three:
  • Your blossoming Light – how life works for you, self expression and melting the clouds, your adventurous self, your inner light at the heart of your being.
Some people say it takes courage to look into yourself and explore the dynamics and possibilities of who we are, and who we may yet be together …


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