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The Dynamics of Astrology

A complete course in the ancient art of human understanding



The Dynamics of Astrology is a journey of learning whose goal is not only to teach astrology at the level of excellence and foster a profound self understanding within its students. It also encompasses a diverse range of fields related to astrology, exploring most of the world's religions and mythologies, schools of psychology and ancient history. The pathways of knowledge and wisdom that constellate the spectrum of modern thought, from affective neuroscience to complexity theory and psycho-social studies, are interwoven with psychology, ancient and medieval astrology, modern esoteric astrology, forecasting techniques and ideas unique to this course which are yet to be published. In addition to developing a life changing skill in this profound tool for personal insight, you will discover more diverse uses of astrology, such as  how to forecast the weather and economic and political trends; when applied with wisdom, competence, a twinkle of humour and compassion Astrology can bring a profound insight into the human condition. The orientation of the Dynamics of Astrology is to teach, guide and support your emerging skills as an astrologer and to also nurture your innate spiritual and psychological development ...


In a nutshell, this is a course that will bring you to an understanding of mankind, our nature and place in history. This course explores you: how you think, how you expereince life & what you can achieve ... your highest and greatest potentials.



This is Advanced Self Development.


It can be said, an Astrologer's task is to be able to accurately  'read'  the life of another person.

To do Astrology, an Astrologer has to have a foundation of knowledge in all areas of life, and a thorough understanding of how the different sides of our lives can vary from person to person. An Astrologer has to know what it would be like to step into any other person's experience ... and be able to recount that experience as if it were their own ... accurately ... like a giving commentary of being there.

This is akin to being able to appreciate a child's classroom experience from around 144 different viewpoints, or 144 different ways of responding to stress, or 144 different perceptions of how to make relationships work. An underpinning knowledge of ancient history, the world's cultures and popular mythologies such as Greek Mythology and Egyptology add substance to the Astrologer's tool-box of knowledge and empathic potential.

 For an insight into what your personal chart can reveal about you, from David Rowan's Astrobiograpy model of astrology, please click here



Psychic Development Workshops add power to the Astrologer's intuitive faculties while a knowledge of other complementary disciplines aids in the process of rounding an Astrologer's skills.

Since Astrology is primarily a journey of discovering people then most of the world's differing schools of Psychology are covered and included in the course ... and their principles can be found in the dynamics of your Astrological Birth Chart. Other systems of divination such as Tarot & Runes are included, along with Past-Life Regression and the Principles of Hypnotherapy, to lay a foundation of practical experience behind the theory. There is even an annual class of Astrology held inside the Ancient Temple of Stonehenge ... after dark ... by the light of the Harvest Moon ... each year ... approved exclusively by English heritage for The David Rowan School of Astrology and Esoteric Studies.


You will need to:

  • Be willing to attend each class
  • Be comfortable with there being no assigned homework ... only the further reading you choose to do for yourself.
  • Bring a sense of humour and an open mind to learning and self-discovery.
  • Be willing to further develop your tolerance, compassion, understanding and insight into your fellow man ... and yourself - by being open to honest self exploration in a group learning experience.
  • Know your Time, Date, and Place of Birth (if you are unsure of your time of birth uncertain birth times can be determined by dowsing).



The course will take approximately 72 whole day sessions/workshops. These will be held one-day per month.

The overall course length will be determined by the learning speed set by the delegates in the class. There is a planned and well-defined sequence to the delivery of the course which unfolds into a profound depth of knowledge and understanding. You will take the path of self-exploration in the same natural sequence you unfold as you grow in life.

You will learn more about your past ... and how it has shaped, and is still influencing your present. You will explore the range of possibilities in your future: the best you can achieve ... and the worst you can achieve ... and what you can do now to steer your life in one direction or the other. Astrology is a very good tool for helping you to clearly define what your realistic choices are.


'In the paradox of 'fate or free will' we find we have the free will to make our choices and then set ourselves the task of living out the fate we have chosen.'

This course will provide you with a map to your highest possibilities.

A definitive and detailed outline of what the course covers will now follow:

The sequence of Learning

Astrology is a very broad subject. The introduction will take you deeper into what astrology can do and it's underlying philosophy in four illuminating days.


  • What can a Birth chart reveal about you
  • Other uses of astrology, such as weather forecasting and relationship charts etc.
  • Symbolic Languages
  • Hieroglyphs and Tarot
  • Esoteric perspectives; the dynamics of human energy fields: The aura, astral body etc.
  • Astrology in history
  • The Astrology of the Birth of Christ
  • The Paradox of 'Fate .v. Free Will'
  • Moon Phases & how they happen
  • Introducing the Collective Unconscious
  • Introducing the concept of re-incarnation
  • The spiritual process of birth and death
  • Cosmic rhythms of life
  • Astrology and world prophesy
  • Karma: life lessons, debts and credits
  • The psychology of projection
  • Models of expectation
  • A simple model of human thinking
  • The components in an Astrological chart
  • The meanings of the Zodiac symbols
  • The meanings of the Planet symbols
  • A 'family tree' of Greek Mythology
  • The psychology of human development symbolised through the Astrological Houses




Stage One:


Astrobiography: the building blocks of astrology


We will then explore human nature through the lens of our own astrological birth chart.

Each planet we look at will be discussed thoroughly. We will look at each one in turn and explore its dynamics through our own experiences.

For example, if we are looking at the Moon and what it means in astrology, we will discuss the Moon in each sign of the Zodiac in it's natural order: beginning at Aries and ending at Pisces.


If anyone in the class has the Moon in the particular sign we are considering in their astrological chart we take time to talk about it. Typically, I will outline the astrological possibilities, describing their relationship with their mother, the atmosphere of the early home environment, heir emotional needs etc. The student is invited to comment and chat about which of the outlined potentials manifested and came to fruition and which ones remained dormant. Obviously, discussing our early lives and relationship with parents can be moving and emotional at times, as well as enlightening and illuminating. I include my own chart in the group discussions as well because I think it's important that you also understand the person teaching you.


During this stage of the course, every planet is thoroughly explored through every sign and house.


Along the way we stop occasionally and look at any related scenery.


When we are discussing Mercury, for example, we also explore how language can be used to encourage co-operation or the reverse !


At the 4th house we experience deep meditation.


Any art or music that has been created by us is shown to the class as an example of our talents when we explore Venus.


We experience Runes and the Tarot at the playful 5th House.


The 6th House gives us the opportunity to review, briefly, an A to Z Glossary of all complimentary medicines and therapies.


When we reach the territory between Jupiter, the planet of beliefs and philosophies and Saturn, the planet of time and history, we are well placed to explore most of the world's religions, mythologies and philosophies. We do this in the sequence that each one presented itself to the world, taking our minds on the amazing journey of a timeline of man's unfolding quest for the truth. We explore Greek Mythology, Egyptology, Islam, Principles behind Magik, ritual and seasonal Witchcraft, Buddhism, The history of Witchraft, The Renaissance, Plato, Aristotle, Nordic Gods and Goddesses, the Megaliths and Pyramids: from the burial rites of Neanderthal man over 100,000 years ago until the first graduation of astrologers in a British university in 2004. Believe me, this is some journey and it places all that we learn about astrology in a much clearer and broad context.


The deep and mysterious 8th house gives us the opportunity to explore the major models and systems of Psychology: Freud, Jung, NLP and the Mind Body healing principles of psychobiology, Psychosynthesis etc.


When we reach Uranus, the planet of telepathy, the new age and collective consciousness we take a little more time to explore psychic phenomena and further develop our intuition. Please remember, although his course revolves around astrology this is also the David Rowan School of Esoteric Studies.



 We will experience:


As a general rule, if a group member does not want to explore or experience a particular thing then, rather that it being imposed upon them, the topic in question is plced to  one side for the group members who are interested to follow up at another time away from the class if they wish. The options are:


  • Numerology & Tarot (essential for future understanding
  • Your aura
  • Aura cleasing and the principles of healing energy
  • Disatant healing and sending energy to another person
  • Crystals and their healing energies
  • Ley Lines and Ancient Monuments
  • Dowsing with rods
  • Dowsing with a pendulum (essential for asserting vague birth times)
  • Princples behind palmestry
  • Principles of Hypnosis and Unconscious re-programming
  • Past Life Regression
  • Telepathic receiving
  • Telepathic sending (effecting the realm of thought)
  • Moving a candle flame with your mind (effecting the realm of energy and the spirit)
  • Moving water in a dish with your mind (effecting the realm of feelings and emotions)
  • Moving a heavy crystal pendulum with your mind (effecting the realm of matter)
  • Altered states of consciousness: Meditation, drugs, alchohol, daydreaming.
  • Remote Viewing
  • Directing your Dreams and Astral Projection



Neptune gives us another chance to expereince meditation and deep inner healing through hypnosis. Alstral projection and the nature of dreams are explored and we have a discussion on Spirit Guides, elementals and other spiritual phenomenon.


The remaining houses and planets and chart points: Pluto, the north Node, Chiron, The Part of Fortune, Retrograde Planets and reincarnation and the 10th, 11th and 12th Houses are thoroughly explored.


Stage one, the deep exploration and understanding of the Planets, Signs and Houses it's reaches completion and the class have a chance to discover how deep their understanding now is. This is very important because, like a rite of passage, it brings home to everyone how much they have already absorbed of this fascinating subject.


We achieve this realisation by inviting a stranger to the class to sit with us for the day and the group as a whole take the person through their chart, one step at a time. The group will have practiced this many times over in exploring their own and it's fun to be able to sit with a stranger and discover how much you can determine about them.




Stage Two:


Astrobiography: Aspects - exploring the complexity of the human condition.


Aspects: the relationships between the planets revealing the relationships between the different facets of your psyche. This is the section that brings Astrology into close personal focus. At this stage you come to realise the previous stages were just the preparation for understanding the complexity of your nature.


Traditionally Astrology looked at 5 different Aspects, or types of relationship. Modern astrology advocates using 15 types of Aspect. One ancient systems looks at 360 aspects, implying that each degree of the circle has it's own intrinsic quality. Here you will have an overview of that 360 degree system and explore in great depth 24 different types of aspect. The results can be profound:



You will discover such things about yourself as:


  • Creative talents ... and creative energies you tend to suppress that can be bought to the surface
  • Things you have mastered on every level of being: mentally, emotional, physically and spiritually that you have access to in this life.
  • Things you have never done in any life before ... it's brand new for this time round.
  • How you can tap into your potentials for creative genius, leadership, healing and success.



The specific things that Aspects can determine would make as long a list again that this course outline has produced already. You can take it Astrology is a remarkable window into the truth of who you are ... and who you can be.




Stage Three:


Astrobiography: the complete model


We now review all of our charts with all of the Aspects included.

Traditional Aspect patterns and a more general interpretation (Faculty of Astrological Studies standard Astrology).



Stage 4:


The Astrobiography Certificate


The First Exam: Natal Charting - The Birth Chart interpretation (purely voluntary).


This exam is for those student who wish to gain a certificate. The exam comprises of 2 sections:


  1. Questions that are taken home and completed within 1 month.
  2. an interpretation of the Birth chart of a 'stranger' (to the student). The interpretation can be done in one of 3 formats: Written, cassette taped, live reading in the presence of the 'client'. The accuracy of the data will be determined by the 'client' while the professionalism and presentation will be judged by the tutor.




Stage 5:


Chart Calculation:


Some students like to 'get their teeth' into Astrology by learning to calculate by hand and begin to develop a working knowledge of Astronomy. This stage has a voluntary exam and carries a certificate.




Stage 6:




In this section 6 of the main forecasting techniques are explored. Students are asked to select 3 important dates from their past and then the individual forecasting techniques are 'measured' against this. Which techniques and theories proved to be most accurate. This stage has a voluntary exam and carries a certificate.




Stage 7:


Relationships and Business.


Cross referring charts for determining the qualities invoked in personal relationships and business. This stage has a voluntary exam and carries a certificate.




Stage 8:


Weather Forecasting with Astrology:


Astrometeorology. Learn how to accurately predict the weather days, week, months even years in advance. Very handy indeed on this island. This stage has a voluntary exam and carries a certificate.




Stage 9:


The Roots of Astrology:


Ancient texts, the journey of Astrology's history and it's essential themes. Here we look in depth at the writings of Ptolemy, Lilley, Raphael, Leo, Rudhyar, Green, Schulman and Spiller. From traditional Astrology we'll learn such things as Horary Astrology, the ability to cast a chart at the moment a question is asked and to then answer that question. From more recent thinking we'll gain an insight into our past lives and the Soul's purpose.


This stage has a voluntary exam and carries a certificate.




Stage 10:


Freestyle discussion and learning

At the end of this section students have enough information, understanding and skill to be able to journey through the widening fields of Astrological research with confidence for themselves.


A very strong bond of friendship is often created through this journey of self- discovery and learning. Often, groups wish to continue journeying together in exploring this fascinating world of Astrology. The curriculum at this point is so flexible and variable that it is essentially, 'student's choice'.




Enrolment and financial investment:



There are 2 ways to pay: either by credit card online, or, in the more traditional way.


If you wish to book your place and pay online, you will first need to obtain your booking reference from David Rowan by calling  07919 555 275 during office hours.


The investment fee for one year's enrolment by online payment is 40.00 per month, made in a single advance payment of 480.00. Click here to book your place online



For those who prefer more traditional ways of paying, there are 3 levels of investment:


Level 1 40.00 per month for those who pay annually in advance.

Level 2 50.00 per month for those who pay quarterly in advance

Level 3 60.00 per month for those who pay monthly, one month in advance.



If you wish to book your place on the course and pay a more in a more traditional way, please write to: Astrology@davidrowan.co.uk   or telephone 07919 555 275 during office hours.




Please Note:


Placements on The Dynamics of Astrology are limited to a maximum of 12 students.



Future courses and bringing the Dynamics of Astrology to your door:


 The journey of discovering the Dynamics of Astrology is only started once every 5 years or sooner if demand is high. Please see the events Diary in the Mars pages for the date of the next course, or, you can help to prompt the instigation of a new course by placing your name on the waiting list: please send an email requesting that a new course begin to: Astrology@davidrowan.co.uk