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Tarot - The Complete Guide

Learn the tarot in one day with the ancient wisdom of numerology.


Only a few tarot masters and authors know the true secret to understanding the tarot is in the connection between Numberology: The Mystical knowledge of vibration expressed through Earth, Air, Fire and Water.






Along with the journey of the soul's evolving consciousness that is revealed from the Major Arcana, and the personalities of the  Court Cards, the Tarot provides you with a complete system of divination ... and a living journey of meditation and self-discovery: a window into the behaviour cycles of people and the natural cycles of evolution ... 'When you read the Tarot without books, you discover the tarot itself is a book'.



Learn the Tarot with David Rowan




David has been a student and teacher of Numerology since the late 1970s and discovered Tarot for himself in the early 1980s. For over a decade he has taught this unique programme of understanding these two ancient systems as a holistic alchemical relationship exclusively to his students of Astrology. 


 A one-day workshop that will guide you, not just through what each Tarot card means - you will discover why each card is denoted with that particular meaning.


In understanding the structure and framework of the Tarot, you will find that you will intuitively 'know' the meaning of each card ..... so books will become less important (and may even never be used) because you are learning to flow with your inner wisdom.




Investment fees: 85.00 for this special day in Draycot Cerne, Wiltshire. Please be sure to book early as placements as very sought after: to checl placement availbility, please call 07919 555 275 during office hours or write to Astrology@davidrowan.co.uk