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The Past Life Regression Workshop

Have you ... lived a past life?

In one exciting day ... not only will you discover the answer to this deep philosophical question, you will also learn how to help others discover the truth of their inner most nature too.

You are invited to attend ..

The Past Life Regression Workshop

During this remarkable life changing day you will learn:

  • The background behind the ancient philosophy of reincarnation
  • How the Soul experiences this adventure through time and space we call 'life'
  • The basic principles of hypnosis and hypnotic language
  • How to effectively, and safely, deal with painful or uncomfortable memories
  • How to lead another person to go into trance and experience a past-life memory

You will:

Experience a past life memory

and ...

Have the experience of guiding another person into (and out of) a past-life memory under close supervision.

Receive your certificate of competence.

After your regression day you will be able to guide others into profound experiences of self discovery ... and you'll discover some amazing things about history 'first hand'.

Investment fees: 195.00 for the day.

Please be sure to book early as placements are very limited