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The Dynamics of Astrology & Astrobiography

Intoducing Astrology

"Its value is obvious enough to the psychologist, since astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity", C. Jung. 



You probably already know Astrology is a very broad and deep subject with a variety of applications. Some astrologers use this ancient craft to gain insight into the lives of others and assist them in determining the course of action that will lead them to achieve the goals they set for themselves and to live the life they truly wish for.


Others use astrology for predictive purposes, and not just for people: quietly  and discretely, many businesses use astrologers to gain information regarding the timing of crucial decisions and the there are those behind the scenes within stock market who employ astrology's symbolism to more accurately predict the best times to buy and sell with their precious investments and bigger responsibilities.


Ancient medical practice in Europe was often performed utilising knowledge of astrology. Today there are still astrologers who are able to accurately predict the weather: months and even years in advance. The 'Met-office', who provide us with our daily forecasts in the media, takes its name from 'Meteor'. Derived from the term Logos, meaning 'of knowledge' (to have knowledge)', 'Meteorological' literally means, 'to have knowledge of the moving stars'.


This four day course, spread over four months, will provide you with a foundation to astrology. You will have a clear understanding of what an Astrological Birth Chart is, how one is created and what your birth chart may reveal about you.



The topics I will explore with you on the first day are:


Day 1: 

  • Symbolic Languages: Hieroglyphs and Tarot
  • Astrology in history
  • The Astrology of the Birth of Christ and 'What is the New Age ?'
  • The Paradox of 'Fate .v. Free Will'
  • The concept of re-incarnation
  • Cosmic rhythms of life
  • A brief guide of what your birth chart may reveal
  • Astrobiography:
    the psychology of child and adult growth, development, and transformation.
  • The map and the timetable of who you may become.
  • Some examples from the worlds of British royalty and celebrity
  • A copy of your personal Astrological Birth Chart ~ (for this you will need to tell me in advance your Time of birth, Your Date of Birth, and Your Place of Birth including the nearest village, town or city).



Days 2, 3 and 4:


Will explore the Signs of the Zodiac, Planets and The Houses in a little more depth.

Attending this introduction will bring you a clear ubnderstanding of the complex subject of Astrology. You will discover a great deal about yourself and your innate potentials and possibilities. You will also have a glimmer of the map of your life further ahead in time and the opportunity to be accepted onto the Dynamics of Astrology if you wish to.




Small group:  Draycot Cerne, Wiltshire.

Large group:  Bath


Time: 9.30am to 3.30pm with 1 hour for lunch in a local pub.


Investment fees:  160.00 for the complete four days.



NB. If you live in an area too far away to travel to this insightful introduction to Astrology it may be possible to arrange for an introduction course to be held in your area. If this is of interest to you, please feel free to contact me and dicuss it.