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Deep Relaxation


Now, you can learn to be Deeply Relaxed  - online workshop with David Charles Rowan MA MSc


This one-off online workshop will show you  the  benefits of deep relaxation and how you can train your unconscious to step into being relaxed at will whenever you wish


What you will learn

Online Classroom  Details






You will Learn:


  • The neurobiology principles of Relaxation
  • The health benefits of Deep Relaxation
  • Experience being guided into Deep Relaxation, safely, and returning feeling refreshed and calm
  • How to return to the state of feeling Relaxed very swiftly, in a matter of seconds


Classroom details:

  • Places are limited to just 9 participants
  • Participants communicate in a chat box; the only person on camera or sound is David Charles Rowan
  • The Workshop lasts for 50 minutes
  • The only equipment you need are either speakers or headphones, so that you can hear the sound of my voice
  • Wherever you when you attend, your environment must be calm, peaceful and quiet with no distractions; it is important you must be able to fully concentrate and, of course, let yourself Relax
  • A Webmeeting ink to attend the class will be emailed to you the day before the class
  • To ensure your computer will be able to run the class, please go to this page;  Online Classroom connection check



Workshop fee:

is 10 per person



Next deep relaxation date is:

Thursday the 16th of April at 10.30 am BST



For those not in the UK, please check both the time zone and currency exchange links here:


Time Zone checker

Currency exchange checker



to Book Your Place, simply contact David Charles Rowan and secure your place by processing the paypal invoice which will arrive in your email inbox you can pay either with paypal or a credit card.

write to David Charles Rowan:  MAP@davidrowan.co.uk



enjoy deeply relaxing ...



Please note: All participants must be 18 years of age or over your booking application will be considered confirmation of your age at the time of your deeply relaxing experience


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