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Private Consultations with David Charles Rowan

Modern Applied Psychology and Astrobiography

'When you master yourself the world is easy'


An advanced therapeutic and coaching process that means you can heal and change issues in your life completely, comfortably, and easily ...

This remarkable and powerful synthesis of the differing forms of Modern Applied Psychology is designed to assist you with any changes you wish to make in life. Whether it is resolving an issue or a problem, or learning something new, this is an opportunity for you to open new pathways to advanced personal development.

NLP ~ Hypnotherapy ~ Time Line Therapy ~ Psychobiology and Astrobiography combine to create an inner relaxing environment within which the root causes of old issues and problems can be guided into becoming new ways of living.

You will find yourself living in a future where your old problems have become just a part of your history. When you book your consultation you are opening new pathways in your life - time to open your present ...



Modern Applied Psychology: a pathway to mastery ...

  • Powerful Self Confidence
  • Stop Smoking for Good
  • Public Speaking with Ease
  • Weight Reduction
  • Sports Performance
  • Achieving High Exam results
  • Healing Emotional Trauma
  • Resolving Relationship issues
  • Building High Self Esteem
  • Letting Go of habits and fears
  • Overcoming Shyness
  • Eliminating Stress
  • Resolving Allergies
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Communicating with Influence
  • Understanding the Patterns of Your Life
  • Achieving Self Mastery



Consultation Fees

1 to 4 consultations ~ 125.00 per consultation

5 to 8 consultations ~ 110.00 per consultation

9 to 12 consultations ~ 85.00 per consultation

13 consultations and beyond ~ 65.00 per consultation


Further discounts are available for consultations booked in advance, online. 

To book your appointment online, please call 07919 555 275  during office hours, or email: MAP@davidrowan.co.uk to arrange your first appointment and obtain your booking reference. Then you can pay online by clicking the booking link at the bottom of the page, or, by using this booking link here: Click here to book your consultation


Consultations generally take between 1 to 2 hours, although this may vary depending upon circumstances.

Consultations are not strictly timed as the aim is to provide you with the best opportunity for healing and self development.



If you would like to know a little more before taking your next step and booking your consultation, please take a look at the page of  Testimonials  to see what others have to say. At the top of the testimonials page you will also find a link to  4 Case Studies  presented during my Masters Degree, giving a detailed insight into Modern Applied Psychology working in practice.




Safety First

All clients are asked to read the 'Safety First Rule', before undertaking any work of MAP so that you are fully aware that you are always in control. The Safety First Rule is:

'During this, or any other altered state of consciousness, you will always be able to return to normal consciousness simply by counting 1,2,3 and opening your eyes. Or, in an emergency, by opening your eyes, this will happen automatically - you will awaken refreshed, alert, and ready to deal with any situation.'





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 Booking online


To book your appointment, please call 07919 555 275 during office hours, or email: MAP@davidrowan.co.uk to arrange your first appointment and obtain your booking reference. You can pay in the olde ways with a cheque or cash or simply pay online by clicking this booking link here: Click here to book your consultation