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Learning Astrology

There are a number to ways to learn Astrology.

Self Study:

Most obviously, the simplest and hardest path is to teach yourself. There are countless books on the market written for the beginner through to the most advanced professional level. For a detailed review of the range of books available please please go to the Midhaven Bookshop

Deeper Learning and Professional Training:

The path I would most strongly advocate is that of learning in a group or organised school of astrology. Having climbed up the hard road alone I can vouch for the benefits of learning with others when I watch my students develop and learn at a much faster rate.

Apart from being able to share insights and form very deep friendships it allows you to view astrology through the lens of others experiences in a safe and informal environment.

Of the reputable schools I would of course recommend The David Rowan School of Astrology and Esoteric Studies

The depth of the course, The Dynamics of Astrology is designed to bring ever facet of this amazing subject into the light of clear understanding. It is important that you also develop the skills to clearly and sensitively convey the information you find in a chart and this course has extensive training in advanced skills in communication and astrological counselling.

If you could already understand the language of astrology then to know that I have Leo, Virgo, Uranus and Pluto in my 9th House, with Virgo on the MC, you would automatically know that I take a meticulous approach to teaching. I view it as my task to guide and lead each student in my charge along the pathway to understanding with as much depth, clarity, patience and compassion as possible. Being somewhat mistrustful of dogma, I tend to take things apart to see if they stand up and I welcome students who question things with the same degree of open-minded curiosity. (see the dynamics of astrology - professional training).

Also, I would not hesitate to recommend the fantastic Master of Arts in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa University

In addition, I would also recommend you join the Astrology Association, and other courses can be found on their web site (I thought I'd mention these in the name of ethical fairness - Libra in 10th House)

To book the "Astrology and Modern applied Psychology" course, please click here