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Your Personal Astrological Forecast


Your Special Birthday discount !


Your personal Astrology Forecast consultation 70 off ! ... if you book your consultation  by midnight today
now only 70 for you !


(consultation appointments can take place during a weekday daytime, evening or a weekend, by arrangement: your special birthday discount applies to when the booking is made, not for when your forecast is conducted for you)


Your personal forecast is read live with you, either on Skype or face-to-face at my Wiltshire home. The consultation will take approximately one and a half hours and will be audio recorded so you have a record of all that is said.

Personal forecasts are packed with information. We will discuss an overview of the decade you are currently living through, long term trends over the next few years and then a close look at 2017

This is personal - it is about you, and the forecast does not apply to anyone else on Earth x

to book, follow this link to make your payment with either a paypal account or a credit card.









to calculate your personal Astrological birth chart  I need to enter your date of  birth, place of birth and exact time of birth into the special Astrology software  - your chart is calculated in minutes and ready to conduct your personal reading on skype at the date and time of your  appointment.


'the road is easier to navigate when you have a map'

David x