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welcome to the author's special order !


The Heart of Life - a little book of love ... personally signed for you by David Charles Rowan


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The Heart of Life - a little book of Love


Relationships are the heart of life. Our relationships with family and those we love, our friendships and work colleagues, our relationship with our goals and dreams, with life and, at the very heart of life, our relationship with ourselves.

The human condition holds such a diverse rainbow of viewpoints, positions and perspectives that to write on the topic of relating through every possible hue would not only be a task of Herculean proportions, it would far exceed the possibilities of this book. Given the restrictions imposed by such a confined space, I am only able to write from my own subjective perspective; in short, this is a Rowan's eye view of human relating.

I was initiated into Witchcraft in British Craft tradition at 20, have been a teacher of Astrology and Esoteric Studies for 26 years, a student of lay Psychology and a teacher of Neuro-Holistic Therapy (Psychobiology, Hypnotherapy and NLP) for 24 years, a holder of 2 masters degrees: an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Psychology and an MSc in Psycho-Social Studies and currently taking a 3rd masters, an MSc in Psychology. This wide range of experience in addition to 29 years of conducting and teaching Past Life Regression techniques have given me the opportunity to spend more than a quarter of a century with students and clients exploring their personal intimate relationships and relationships with life in general.

The Heart of life; a little book of love has blossomed from these learning experiences and encounters with a wide variety of people over this lifetime, taking you on a journey exploring our relationships with relating. This volume may be slim in size but its breadth is comprehensive, its depth at times moving and profound. I have shared some of these writings with people experiencing pain and despair, or just downright confusion, in relationships and  self love, and they are reported to have a kind of healing quality. People feel clearer, more at peace, more easily able to adjust their relationship to the world and to themselves. It is my honour to now share them here with you.

David Charles Rowan

November 2016



NB: the official publishing launch date is the 4th of December 2016. Your signed copy will be with you by the 5th of December.

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