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Eliminating Stress: 'When you Master Yourself the World is Easy'

Overall aims and objectives:

  • To enable delegates to develop the skills required to eliminate stress from their lives.

  • To demonstrate to delegates how stress can be automatically re-diverted' into other emotions /reactions /states such as:-
    Dynamic Motivation - Indifference - Creativity Drive - Relaxing - Endurance - Action - Magnetic Power

  • To coach delegates in a manner that matches their learning style & to provide a 'Self Management Toolkit' that functions within their individual thinking style.

  • To guide delegates into the arena of highly skilled Self Management using the latest practical techniques and models of Modern Applied Psychology.

These aims and objectives will be achieved using two working methods:

  • A 2 day training and coaching course for all 12 delegates to attend.

  • Individual and private follow-up sessions for each delegate - lasting between 1 to 1 hours - 4 weeks after the completion of the initial course. This will serve to monitor ongoing progress and assist with specific areas of interest along with further integrating the skills and the theory into the delegate's skill base of natural and learned behaviours. This will take the form of 3 one-day coaching clinics during which 4 delegates will be assisted each day

These proposals work so well because they allow each delegate to discover their most natural pathway to managing stress unconsciously. In other words, managing stress becomes so easy to deal with it is just like driving a car, or using a pen - it can be done without having to consciously think about it.

This means your mind is now free to pay more attention to other concerns and your mental and emotional energy is more freely available for creativity and problem solving

'This will allow you to harness even more of your innate potential'

Since all skills are initially developed with a little practice applied during the delivery of theory and information ...

Agenda for Day 1.

The first of the two days creates the intellectual and emotional environment for optimum learning and development:

We explore language in all its forms and how it affects those we communicate with. If there are stresses in our lives that involve other people then learning how to steer others into non-stressful interactive states will prove to be invaluable. There are ways of encouraging others to want to listen and pay attention.

This day lays a foundation of effective self-management using a wide range of resources, exercises, video clips (using well known comedians), and feedback questionnaires. Delegates are taken through a series of exploratory journeys using practical experience, humour and theory through the structure of the human mind and how it relates and interacts with your body via the central nervous system.

'You will discover ... 'stress' is directly linked to 'fight or flight' and you will know how to control it with ease'

During this unique learning experience you are shown techniques and strategies for resourceful self-management and the practical strategies for the management of others with integrity that brings mutually beneficial results and more success for your business.

Certain exercises are used during the course of your learning to foster a greater degree of team-work and integration.

Delegates will discover how to deliberately associate specifically chosen emotions and reactions to clearly targeted external triggers. This means a person who is 'naturally nervous' of the dentist will become as equally naturally relaxed in a dental situation. A person who is naturally unconfident when presenting can become naturally at ease in the same situation. You can choose what responses you automatically have to any situation from any arena of life experience. Many delegates find the value of this skill to be priceless ... especially when they realise you can use it to assist others from other walks of life, like helping your kids to have a more naturally enthusiastic response to the idea of completing homework.

How do people you already know respond to the concepts of common issues like:

Meeting Deadlines, Month end, Giving Presentations, Reaching Targets, Encountering new technologies, Overcoming a 'dry spell' etc ?

'Rather than managing stress you can now develop stress elimination'

At the end of this day each delegate will find themselves drawing the conclusion that, 'Stress does not actually exist as a 'thing' in its own right. It is, in truth, an emotional, psychological and physiological response to external and internal stimulus, and the person doing the responding and experiencing the stress could also easily respond in a creative, motivated, and more resourceful way ... if only they knew how'.

Agenda for Day 2

The second day begins with delegates putting together the building blocks of what they learned yesterday. A restful night's sleep in between the sessions forms a part of the accelerated learning techniques you employ through this program.

'... for training that works the way you do'

We all differ from each other in our style of communications from moment to moment. Depending on the context, some of us will think predominantly in pictures, while others tend to ere towards a more physical approach in their communications. Some people process their perceptions of the world through logic while still others find a unique voice of their own ...

To match this, your second day of training shows you not just how to manage stress in the thinking system it is linked to, it also shows you how to adapt and adopt the thinking styles of others. This means the old stressful patterns are released from the bondage of history and the freed parts of the psyche can now enjoy the new adventure of developing self mastery and leaving stress behind.

This high degree of empathy and rapport you will learn means you can now guide others into, and out of (if you wish), resourceful states like motivation or enthusiasm eloquently and smoothly.

On this second day you are taught more advanced techniques for gaining the co-operation of your unconscious.

Because human behaviour is driven by your unconscious beliefs, impressions, expectations and models of the world, you can continually adjust and improve the driving force behind the manifestation of your quality of life. Many people find a sense of deep and abiding happiness to be a natural antidote to stress.

Being able to deliberately adjust the speed at which you think is among the tools of today, along with a whole new approach to criticism and dealing with people once they have become defensive. Many of these skills are vital for that kind of leadership that inspires others to follow.

'People learn best when they enjoy themselves so we think your training with us ought to be fun !

You will find yourself having a great deal of fun training your mind to 'auto-track' for 'the positive', and, in addition, discovering some ways to privately and gently resolve old personal issues are among the jewels of this first class training experience.

This is where you will now know precisely how your brain 'codes' the states of stress, motivation, relaxation and the entire spectrum of human experience and emotion; and, you will know exactly how to pre-determine the state/emotion you wish to 'trigger' with any experience of your life ... for the rest of your life.

Each delegate will know exactly how: what to think, what to picture and what to say to themselves, and what to do that will change the way their brain 'codes' a particular event or experience. An experience that used to cause stress can now cause motivation or enthusiasm, indifference, relaxing, optimism ... it is your turn to choose now.

'Using the tools of Modern Applied Psychology means you will be able to enjoy relaxing more deeply than you may have ever thought possible'

You can rest assured the more standard methods of learning to deal with stress, like deeply relaxing now come into play, only with a slight difference.

In just one exercise that takes only 20 minutes to complete we will show you how to change your emotional state from stressed and anxious to feeling relaxed in under 50 seconds, and, with practice, you can find yourself relaxing more and more deeply and effectively ... and even more quickly with regular practice.

To help you achieve this easily an audio coaching CD is provided for you that coaches you into deepening relaxing changes and you continue to develop your ability to naturally live a stress-free and more successful and prosperous healthy life.

This course shows you how to manage your life with ease.

Additional training options:

Other service options such as additional coaching by telephone and in person can also be considered and built into the program. The aim is to provide each delegate with a living skill they can use for life, and not just give them another set of inapplicable theories. In an environment where many people have these skills a great deal of creativity and excitement can be fostered in a spirit of mutual co-operation. There is a wealth of potential yet untapped in the brightest of people ... and there is a wealth of practical sense in learning how to manage your life with ease.

'New Pathways training with David Charles Rowan is not expensive ... it is priceless'