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Presenting with Charisma Impact and Confidence

'You are the Power Point !'

Day One:

At the end of Day One candidates will :

  • Have practiced giving short presentations - fully documented on their own private VHS tape
  • Received individual coaching from their peers as well as the day's trainer
  • Received peer assessment with regards to chrarisma and performance
  • Had demonstrated practice in the use of:
    Voice-volume & speed
    Body & Posture
    Unconscious communication
  • Greater understanding of how charismatic you already are
  • How to amplify your charisma now
  • Video examples of charismatic people
  • Learning how to generate the same impact
  • Examples of the specific structures of magical presenting

Day Two:

At the end of Day Two candidates will have expereinced and understand:

  • The psychology of 'sequence'
  • Creating an experience 'they will always remember'
  • Further development of the art of presenting with presence
  • Know how to create a magical experience in the mind of the receiver

Have practice in adopting different moods deliberately p>

  • Understand how to use body language
  • Understand the effects of different rates of talking speed
  • Have knowledge of the effects certain words have on the minds of your listeners
  • Examples of others using these techniques professionally
  • Unconscious communications practice
  • Discovering how to maintain a balanced poise at all times
  • Dealing with 'awkward' people
  • Engaging and holding everyone's attention
  • Captivating your audience
  • Leading people into wanting more and wanting to keep what you have already given
  • Designing your brilliant future
  • The gift of presenting.

'and now for something completely different ...'

Along with the more common exercises you might expect from a course in presentation skills, or charisma enhancement ... New Pathways offer something rather different.

In all presentations, in fact in all communications, the listener is taken along a journey: a journey of the senses, the intellect the emotions and the imagination.

We will show you how to steer that journey, how to lead the listener into the state of acceptance and friendly desire to act upon what you present.

We will show you how to make your presentations a memorable experience for the listeners, rather than something they will forget from a 'talking memo'.

Remember: 'You are the Power Point !'

Stage fright and presenting nerves come from the pre-existing expectation that the listeners will journey from cynicism to judgementalism to ridicule to rejection. You can turn this around;

You will receive practical experience in the art of being able to induce a defined and planned set of specific emotions in the experience of your listeners.

For example, you will be able to lead them from:

Boredom to Curiosity to Action

Cynicism to Impatience to 'Must Have It'

And, because you are already aware of the power language has to influence your thoughts, your feelings and even your decisions, you only need to wonder,

'What difference would it make if I could present with charisma, impact and influence to lead others in this way, easily and naturally' ?

What action would you take to do this course now ?