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ASk: Advanced Skills in Human Communications

  • Influencing with integrity

  • High calibre listening

  • Body language that directs events your way

  • Understanding how others think

  • Creating excellent rapport

  • Encouraging others to want to listen to you

  • Bringing the best out of others

  • Freeing your highest potentials

  • Applying your Advanced Skills in Communications

This course guides you to excellence in human communications from three levels of experience:

Level 1.

Foundations in communications

In this two -day module you journey to excellence from exploring:

Communication tools

The effect of certain voice tones, body postures and certain words that are used inappropriately in every day language:-

Words that produce willingness and enthusiasm, words that produce reluctance and conflict; and when either of these may be appropriate.

You will do more than just discover the four primary modes of communication we all use; you will experiment with developing your skills to communicate in another person's natural mode, much like talking in their language.

Listening skills will be highlighted in this module, along with your ability to present information in a receptive style.

You will have an introduction to practical Modern Applied Psychology that raises your awareness of interpersonal dynamics such as leading people out of conflict and into co-operation, dealing with fight and flight and a great deal more.

Level 2.

Developing yourself as a magikal communicator

In this two-day module you will further your journey to excellence.

The theme of this module is you ...

... Who you are as a person and who you want to be.

This is your opportunity to open the door to becoming the kind of communicator you really what to be.

Because our innate view of ourselves has such a powerful effect on our performance and levels of achievement, this module gives you the chance to experience exercises and techniques from the coaching and training world that make practical use of the living changes from the key fields of Modern Applied Psychology; NLP and Psychotherapy.

Your self image, self confidence, and inner expectations will all improve dramatically from what you explore today:-

Any old tendencies to nervously hesitate when you communicate with others will begin to diminish completely ... your voice and manner will become more and more magnetic and engaging.

From this day you will know how to entice others to want to pay attention:

Today you will learn how to open new pathways in your experience and ability to encourage and lead with that self-assured aura of success we so often admire in leaders who inspire confidence, motivation and loyalty.

In Modern Applied Psychology we believe the keys to your growing success are already within you and we want to help you open the doors to a magikal future now.

Level 3

The secrets of persuasion and influencing with integrity

In this module you journey to excellence beyond your old horizons.

The theme of this module is your unconscious; now, because you have already seen situations like a person declaring they want to stop smoking and then continuing their behaviour this let you know people have different behavioural agendas operating within them simultaneously: The conscious part of the mind that states the intention - and the part of the mind that automatically steers the decisions and behaviours, your unconscious is a powerful force in determining what you do, and how you will experience what you do.

The secret to guiding and leading others from the deep structure of their thinking and internal motivation is to learn to communicate directly with the part of their mind that forms the core of their psyche.

This is more natural than it probably sounds because each time you have ever persuaded anyone to do anything and fostered the spirit of good humour and co-operation you have influenced the core part of their unconscious with the integrity of acceptability.

This final part of your journey to excellence in human communications will provide you with the underpinning knowledge and the practical skill base to achieve the results you want deliberately rather then randomly or by chance. When you consider what doors these skills can open for you on many levels of your life you may find yourself wanting to know a great deal more.

At The Rowan Group we are proud to present this concluding day on your journey to excellence in communication.