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Stonehenge,  Avebury  and their Sacred Landscape

An online virtual tour of an Astrologer's view of the history and astronomy of Avebury and Stonehenge

David Charles Rowan has been conducting tours of  Stonehenge by Moonlight and Starlight, with special permission from English Heritage, since 1993.

'We don't just look at Stonehenge on the  complete tour. We begin at Avebury, a Neolithic stone circle  20 miles north of Stonehenge at 10am and explore the ancient landscape surrounding these two magnificent temples during  the day. This amazing 14 hour walking/driving lecture tour of the history and astronomy of this sacred landscape culminates with two visits inside the inner circle of Stonehenge. The first private visit is at Sunset, and the second a few hours later, by Starlight.

Although it may sound like a long day, the time just whizzes by and it is of exceptional value for visitors from overseas. However, there are many people who are unable to attend the tour for various reasons, such as health or family commitments, as well as perhaps being unable to travel. For this reason, I have decided to offer the tour in a virtual form in a highly visual environment; bought to life with photographs taken through the years. It will never be quite the same as walking these ancient paths with one's own feet, but this tour will give you a journey of the mind and heart, to experience the soul of this ancient landscape'


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A virtual tour of the history and astronomy of Avebury, Stonehenge and their sacred landscape. This single two hour class will take you around the stone temple of Avebury ...


(please note: there now follows an overview, a description of the tour; this is not the tour itself - the  actual tour is far richer in information and imagery)




After first having a discussion on its history, and some of the myths and legends of Avebury, we will visit nearby Silbury Hill and go inside West Kennet Long Barrow; a multi-chambered Neolithic tomb.



Taking stock of the landscape from the top of the Long Barrow gives us our first chance to view these ancient sites as part of an overarching pattern; what can we infer about the people who crafted this landscape ?

Between Avebury and Stonehenge lays an ancient landscape,  littered with barrows, tombs and Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron Age monuments. After following a path due south, we find ourselves in the landscape surrounding Stonehenge; the land of the Henge Builders.



The astronomical orientation of the sites  in the landscape tells  us something about the importance of the sky for this ancient community; the artefacts strewn across this flat high plane reveal an Astral-Logos, a knowledge of the heavens ...

Nowhere is this more easily seen than in the astronomy of the most famous temple of all; Stonehenge.



The tour will give you an insight history and astronomical orientations of Stonehenge before we go inside the inner  circle in a detailed photographic and video tour inside the inner circcle at sunset ...




The journey ends with the fading light and we find ourselves  inside Stonehenge, beneath the Moon and the Stars ...



Dates, fees and booking details:



your computer. The virtual tour is conducted within a virtual classroom. You do not need any special software, and neither do you need a web cam. You will need to ensure your computer has either speakers or headphones.

Two days before the tour, a webmeet invite will be sent to you by conventional email. 30 minutes before the tour begins, a second back-up link to enter the classroom will be sent to you.
To login, enter your first name and your registration code. To obtain your registration code, follow the booking procedure below.



Booking procedure and Registration:

To book your place on the tour, please write to Stonehenge@davidrowan.co.uk
An email will be sent to you by reply, welcoming you to the tour and giving clear instruction of how to participate, including your registration code.



The fee for the virtual tour is Avebury, Stonehenge and their Sacred Landscape is 20 per person


all payments are made via an e-invoice, which you can pay either with pay pal or with a credit card. The e-invoice is emailed to you upon registration (see Booking procedure and Registration above).

Please note: all prices are quoted in GBP Sterling. Paypal automatically converts currency for you when it the e-invoice is sent to you, however, if you wish to know what each of the payment option fees are in a specific currency other than GBP, please refer to any of the currency conversion sites online, such as this one - currency conversion






3 opportunities to experience the tour:


Tour a)  -  Saturday 22nd September at 10:00 am BST

Tour b)  -  Saturday 22nd September at 20:00 (7pm) BST

Tour c) -  Saturday 22nd September at 12 Midnight BST


(to check what your local time is when it is 20:00 in the UK, please click here)



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